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Posted on January 9, 2019

Avani has partnered with Arvind Mills in order to showcase its items, fabrics, and natural dyes experience at the upcoming Arvind Indigo Museum. Avani empowers women in the remote Kumaon Region through indigo cultivation and using its natural dyes methods makes a wide variety of products like indigo dyes, indigo wool products, indigo silk products, indigo coloured toys, indigo dyed fabric etc. The products of Avani will be showcased at the Arvind Indigo Museum.

Rashmi Bharti will be present at the inaugural event on 23 January and 25th January and to share the experience of working with indigo and choosing it as a way of social empowerment of the local community.

AIM is set up by Sanjay S Lalbhai of Arvind Mills Ltd. According to Sanjay S Lalbhai, “If you see indigo as an art form, it is always on fabric – jute, cotton, silk, wool… A bit of pottery – so we thought, let us pull out the limits and try and put it on every conceivable surface.” The result is the upcoming Arvind Indigo Museum in Ahmedabad, which, Lalbhai feels, will be a one-of-a-kind destination for all things indigo. “We are going to create a whole ecosystem to revive traditional Indian art through indigo and then see how we can make it more commercially viable work for them, by say helping them make their work more contemporary, so we can reach out to a more global audience,” he explains.

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