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Our Address
PO Tripuradevi, via Berinag
Dist. Pithoragarh, Kumaon 262531
Uttarakhand, India
Telefax: (+91) 5964 244943
Direction to reach Avani
You have to take the train from Delhi to Kathgodam (or Haldwani the station right before Kathgodam) . From Kathgodam it is a 7 hour road journey.

Delhi =========> Kathgodam by overnight train Ranikhet Express
(departure : 10.40 pm from Old Delhi Railway Station-
Kindly re check the time as the schedule can change)


Sampark Kranti Express – Evening Train
(Dep 4.00 pm, Old Delhi Railway Station)
Stay the night at Haldwani/Kathgodam


Shatabdi Express – morning train
(Dep 6.00 am, Anand Vihar Railway Station)

Kathgodam/Haldwani -======> Tripuradevi

From Haldwani or Kathgodam to Tripuradevi, it is 200 kms and takes about 7 hours by road.

The route is as follows:

Haldwani ==>Almora ==> Sheraghat ==> Rai Aagar ==> (2 kms to Avani at) Tripuradevi ==> 4 kms to Berinag

By Shared Transport
If you intend to travel by shared jeep then it is better to get down at Haldwani and take a shared jeep coming from haldwani to Berinag via Sheraghat and get dropped at Tripuradevi that is 4 kms short of Berinag.

By Private Taxi
You could also take a private taxi that will cost you between 4500 to 5500 (depending upon the car) one way from Kathgodam .
You can contact us if you wish to book a private taxi .

Avani is located at Tripuradevi. We are known as the solar people and you can see the board on your right and lots of solar installations in the campus.

Ph: +91 5964 244943

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