Co-Founder, Avani
Rashmi , co-founder of Avani, has been working in the field of rural development for the past 22 years.

RAjnish Jain
Co-Founder, Avani
Rajnish, co-founder of Avani, is a management graduate from Lucknow University with over 22

Rajendra Kumar Joshi
Popularly known as Raju da on the campus, Rajendra has been with Avani since 1999.

Rajnish Pant
Rajnish began working with Avani in 2001 as a trainee supervisor, and has since become
Deepa Mehta
Deepa came to work at Avani after twelfth standard in 1999 as a community worker
Santoshi Dhapola
Santoshi is in charge of finished goods stock for Kumaon Earth Craft. She was trained
Kedar Singh Bhourial
After finishing twelfth standard education in 1998 Kedar came to Avani to train as
Chanchal Singh Gurrow
An ITI certificate holder from one of the nearby village, Chanchal has trained several
Diwan Arya
Diwan began at Avani in 2007 as an office assistant and has since become an accountant.
Harish Chandra Pant
Harish began working with Avani as a cook in the community kitchen in 1999 and now
Govind Bora
Govind heads Avani’s field centre at Digoli, where he began as a weaving trainee
Meena Kumari
Meena came to Avani in 2002 to learn the assembly and repair of solar lanterns and is
Kailash Upadhyay
Kailash heads Avani’s on-campus farming operations and runs its sericulture and dye
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