Social Enterprise Meets Social Empowerment


Avani creates a lasting shift in the socio-economic fabric of rural villages. Our holistic approach to employment opportunities ensures sustainable livelihoods for women and families, resilient communities and vibrant ecosystems.
At Avani, the process of production is as important as the products themselves. We combine traditional knowledge and craft with a modern approach to production and distribution. We take a triple bottom line approach to address Economy, Ecology and Empowerment. We use local resources to create contemporary products and services for a global market.
The cornerstones of our work have always been environmental conservation, women’s empowerment, fair trade and preservation of traditional knowledge.
Our projects are inspired by and tailored to the unique topography, resources and culture of this Central Himalayan region. Building on local knowledge and practices, Avani puts naturally available resources to use in innovative ways in collaboration with local people.

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