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Our Address
PO Tripuradevi, via Berinag
Dist. Pithoragarh, Kumaon 262531
Uttarakhand, India
Mobile: (+91) 9411767118
Telefax: (+91) 5964-244172
Direction to reach Avani
You have to take the train from Delhi to Kathgodam (or Haldwani the station right before Kathgodam) . From Kathgodam it is a 7 hour road journey.Delhi =========> Kathgodam by overnight train Ranikhet Express
(departure: 10.40 pm from Old Delhi Railway Station-
Kindly recheck the time as the schedule can change)or

Sampark Kranti Express – Evening Train
(Dep 4.00 pm, Old Delhi Railway Station)
Stay the night at Haldwani/Kathgodam


Shatabdi Express – morning train
(Dep 6.00 am, Anand Vihar Railway Station)

Kathgodam/Haldwani -======> Tripuradevi

From Haldwani or Kathgodam to Tripuradevi, it is 200 km and takes about 7 hours by road.

The route is as follows:

Haldwani ==>Almora ==> Sheraghat ==> Rai Aagar ==> (2 km to Avani at) Tripuradevi ==> 4 km to Berinag

By Shared Transport
If you intend to travel by shared jeep then it is better to get down at Haldwani and take a shared jeep coming from Haldwani to Berinag via Sheraghat and get dropped at Tripuradevi that is 4 km short of Berinag.

By Private Taxi
You could also take a private taxi that will cost you between 4500 to 5500 (depending upon the car) one way from Kathgodam.
You can contact us if you wish to book a private taxi.

Avani is located at Tripuradevi. We are known as the solar people and you can see the board on your right and lots of solar installations on the campus.

Mobile: (+91) 9411767118
Ph: (+91) 5964-244172

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