Avani has been working extensively with the preservation and revival of the traditional craft of weaving, spinning and natural dyeing. The philosophy has been to introduce modern raw materials to make contemporary products while conserving the handicraft skills as livelihood options.

Spinning and weaving of wild silks such as tussar, eri and muga as well as pashmina has been reintroduced to the region. We have developed solar powered spinning for home use in the villages to increase productivity. We have also introduced frame looms to produce wider textiles. The existing knitting skill is used to produce simple products in silk and wool. Local tailors have been trained to produce very high quality garments and home accessories.

Avani has revived the skill of natural dyeing and developed a broad color palette with research on more than fifty local plants. These dye materials are not only used for textile dyeing but also for producing colorants for use in different applications. These eco friendly, plant based colorants can be used in textile industry, cosmetics, art supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Avani supports the expansion of the community’s capabilities through product development, quality control, provision of raw materials and marketing.

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