At Avani, we strongly believe that the fulfilment of human needs and human survival flow from the reciprocal care we give Mother Earth. We are seeking to revive traditional practices such as handloom weaving and natural dyeing; promote responsible production techniques and educate communities in effective means of biodiversity conservation. To tackle the question of textile and environment, we are working on a bottom up approach. We understand how formation of wastelands and overuse of meagre natural resources due to mindless production and consumption patterns can strain the fragile ecosystem. Our years of continued research, experimentation and development have proven the efficacy of heritage based conservation techniques used in conjunction with appropriate technology. Not only does this play a vital role in conserving the natural resource base but it also effectively revives livelihood opportunities that are sustainable and rooted. We are but children of the Earth and human rights are derived from Earth rights.

We are grateful to contributors like you on this journey of unification of ecological rights and livelihood rights. Please click the button below to make your donation. Please note you will be navigating to our partner site – R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund

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