Avani / Films

Echoes of the Earth, a film by Srishti together with Vikalp Sangam

“Once they (community) place their trust, it is usually forever”

Avani - A Symphony in Sustenance, a film by Avani Kumaon

“Avani consciously works with women who are especially vulnerable economically and socially.”

Her Story Teaches Us the Right Way to Educate Children Today | Formal v/s Informal Education, a film by Ethereal

“I think if this whole youth population decides to use information that is relevant to the reality today, they are the changemakers.”

The journey of indigo, from being a symbol of colonial oppression to empowering Himalayan communities, a film by Eco India

“What began as a small experiment has blossomed into a sustainable and ethical seed-to-scarf indigo value chain, that is ensuring the autonomy, self-resilience, and self-sufficiency of every weaver, spinner, dyer, and farmer under its fold.”

Avani - Earthcraft: Our Story, a film by Avani

 “Over the years, many products of Earthcraft have found a place in the high fashion in India and overseas, bringing back returns to the local workers and welfare of the villages”

Eco India, a film by The Environment Magazine

 “A sustainable revival of the crop (indigo)”

A documentary excerpt about Avani’s intervention for the revival the tradition of textiles and natural dyeing

“At Avani, a range of materials like dholu, walnut, tartarium, onion skin, pomegranate skin, and betel nut are used to dye wool in a wide array of colors”

A film about making electricity from pine needles

“I have a dream. A dream to set up one power plant in each one of the fifty thousand odd villages in this (Kumaon) region, to generate 750MW of electricity for local power utilities, and bring cooking charcoal to every single family in this region”

India: The Power of Pine Needles, a film by United Nations

“A lot of the most practical and pragmatic ideas, you will find them at the local level, where it matters the most” – Olav Kjorven, UNDP.

Perul, a film by Avani Bio Energy Pvt Ltd.

“Forest fires only mean loss and more loss, the most being small shrubs and herbs that are burnt down, not allowing anything else but only pine to grow. For preventing forest fires, it’s imperative to get rid of pine needles.”

Avani, a film by Vikalp Sangam

 “In terms of the businesses that have been set up so far, they have potential to use local natural resources in a sustainable, renewable way to allow regeneration while generating income and creating a life of dignity for people here. So, they can continue enjoying these beautiful mountains, you know, and not have to go to a city, a slum.”

Avani - Architect of Change in the Mountains, a film by Islahul

 “It was our search for a more meaningful life that kind of motivated us to come and live in these beautiful mountains, and also our love for the mountains, made us start what we are doing now.”

A film about Avani’s Bio Energy Program

 “This unique experiment has been successfully carried out in Uttarakhand for the first time by Avani. Instead of letting pine needles cause fires in the forests of Uttarakhand, it is being used to generate income, electricity and charcoal – the use of which is improving rural lives…”

Conference Presentation at the BOND Symposium National Silk Museum, Hangzhou, China, 2019

“The story of an inspirational journey that has led to the revitalization of the textile and natural dye industry in the Himalayas.”

Conference Presentation at IFAM, Santa Fe, July 2020

 “Revisiting the relationship between economy and sustainable development in a Himalayan community, through the revival of traditional crafts. ”

Conference Presentation, SWF20 Talks - Sustainability in Textile production

“Avani’s mission has been to create livelihoods in remote rural area based on revival of traditional craft, development and dissemination of appropriate technology, and farm based activities.”