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In a world of synthetic and plastic toys, which can often be especially harmful for children, we use all natural materials such as wool, cotton and vegetable dyes to make products that are completely child friendly. Children often put these products in their mouths, and the use of home grown materials such as cotton, wool, and plant based dyes makes them completely safe for children while also generating livelihoods for farmers.
Soapnut Powder
Soapnut (Sapindus trifoliatusis) is an indigenous tree of India. Fruits of this tree contain saponin, a natural and active cleaning agent that can be used for laundry and keeps colours bright and intact. It is a natural wash with antiseptic properties, good for eczema and sensitive skin.
Organic Kumkum

Consistent with Avani’s mission to sustain traditions and livelihoods of villagers, we cultivate and collect the ingredients used to make kumkum, a powder used for in social and religious ceremonies, and manufacture it locally.

The main ingredient is turmeric, grown and collected at the Avani centres. The kumkum is prepared using a traditional Himalayan recipe.

Beeswax Crayons
Beeswax crayons are environmentally friendly, organic and hand prepared using only natural ingredients, making them 100% non-toxic. With two parts beeswax to one part plant-based pigment, these earthy crayons have deep color and draw effortlessly on paper. All of the materials are either collected in the wild or cultivated by local the farmers.
Eco Friendly Non-toxic
Water Colors
We also make natural, chemical-free watercolours. Consistent with Avani’s mission to sustain traditions and livelihoods of villagers, EarthCraft members cultivate and collect the natural dye-yielding plants used to make the watercolours.


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