A destination for fun and self-expression
where children learn to be themselves


Abhivyakti means self-expression, a quality that is inherent in all of us but often lost in the process of becoming adults. Children need space to learn and express their creativity in an environment that supports this inherent connection. Abhivyakti School is our effort to provide this space. In April 2011 a small creative learning center based on a child-friendly learning model was set up at the Avani campus and has been running successfully since.

Abhivyakti School functions with the core belief that creative learning is a tool for developing creative minds, and primary schooling is the foundation for this learning. Various activities running on the campus such as hand spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, braiding, painting, natural dyeing, gardening and composting provide learning avenues for school children. The children also benefit from the constant stream of international visitors, interns and volunteers who introduce students to their unique cultures, customs and languages – even if it’s just in the form of a song or a rhyme.

The school that started with four children now has 14 students. What started in a makeshift borrowed building is now expanding to have its own structure, with a playground complete with swings and slides already in place.


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